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I help people who are sexually harassed or experience retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. Call me if you want to talk about your case. 



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The Stephens Law Firm practices law in the State of Washington.  Although this site provides general information about sexual harassment in the workplace, if you are not a resident of Washington or the acts did not occur in Washington you should consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction.  IF YOU BELIEVE YOU NEED LEGAL ADVICE, DO NOT RELY ON THIS WEBSITE/BLOG TO MAKE IMPORTANT LEGAL DECISIONS. EACH CASE VARIES AND EMPLOYMENT LAW/SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES ARE FACT DRIVEN. THAT MEANS WHAT MAY HOLD TRUE AS A GENERAL PRINCIPAL MAY NOT HOLD TRUE IN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE.  WE URGE YOU TO ALWAYS CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY THAT PRACTICES IN THIS FIELD BEFORE MAKING ANY IMPORTANT LEGAL DECISION.